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Lean Excel Template Conversion to Visio - Session A

Workshop Code: LLC EXVIS
Topic: Human Resources Staff Development Workshops
Instructor: Shaver, Jeffrey
Status: Pending

This workshop is designed to teach individuals how to use the Miami Lean Excel Template and convert the information into Microsoft Visio to create a flow chart. Learning Objectives are to provide explanation of tabs included in the Lean Excel Template, Understand how to use the current and future state worksheet in the Miami Lean Excel Template, Proper numbering of process steps on the Excel Template, Identify Value Added and Non-Value Added. Accessing Lean Shapes for Visio, Converting the Excel Template into flow chart in Visio. This course is intended for individuals who are on a Process Improvement Team, currently enrolled in the Lean Leader Certification Program or Certified Senior Lean Leaders for continuing education. In order to receive credit for this workshop participants are expected to be present for the entire duration. Prerequisite: Lean Two Day Training *This workshop is not eligible for Job Enrichment credit. (3.5 hrs)

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