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Workshop: GHS (Global Harmonizing System) Chemical Safety

Workshop Code: GHSCHEMSAF

Comply with Ohio State Law for employee safety in the workplace.

The United States of America is switching from its current labeling standards to an international system of labeling chemicals- Global Harmonizing System. With this change, the USA is introducing a redesigned Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) now called a SDS (Safety Data Sheet). The transition also includes new symbols regarding a chemical’s handling, stability vs. volatility, and danger level. You will learn: The elements of the 16 section safety data sheet, the different GHS pictograms and what they mean, the elements of a GHS compliant label. Instructor is Jeff Johnson from Environmental Safety &Risk Management Office. All staff who store, deliver, mix, or use chemicals of any type must attend one session (while employed at Miami University). This course is not eligible for Job Enrichment credit.

Skills To Be Attained:

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