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Workshop: Lean Leader Certification - Innovation, Creativity and Immersion

Workshop Code: LLC ICI


Program Overview Are innovators born and the rest of us just hopeless? Luckily, the answer is “no” to the hopeless part! Indeed, there are the chosen few who are born innovators but some believe that two-thirds of the talent needed for innovation can be learned … with a bit of re-training of our brain muscles. As children we are persuaded to think like others … and to only color inside the lines. We lose the ability to express our creativity and innovation as adults. This workshop will demonstrate new, effective ways of “brainstorming.” In the business world, innovative thinking is about creating new products and services, discovering new markets for existing products and improving existing products and services. The innovation process is all about: •Strategic alignment (capture the vision) •Inspire (truly understand others) •Ideate (a different way to brainstorm) •Implement (removing the fear) How do we mine the ideas residing in people’s heads and how do we bring those ideas to market? Cultivate a new way of thinking and discovering! Learning Objectives: •Capture the critical steps for a successful ideation session •Learn the three key elements to the innovation process - Insight, Imagine and Implement •Lateral thinking—practice several innovation tools that force lateral thinking •Develop a strategy for your organization and how to bring clarity •Understand the basics of “design thinking”

Skills To Be Attained:

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